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Communicating scientific facts is challenging

Healthcare organizations and startups struggle to communicate scientific data to a lay audience.

Finding a writer that understands complex scientific studies and describes them in an accurate but straightforward way is a challenge. 

Even harder is to find a writer that can find a balance between scientific accuracy and enjoyment. 

That is where I can help

My name is Mariana, and I help life-science and health-related companies write articles and marketing content that keeps people informed.
Unlike most writers, I have 15+ years of experience as a biomedical scientist, plus training in healthcare copywriting.
Which means I can critically appraise scientific studies and can easily translate them to a general audience.

I can help you turn scientific data into convincing and inspiring stories your readers will trust and enjoy

This is what they say about me

  • I have just read your piece while sitting in a hot London Underground train and really enjoyed it.
    It provides a good overview of the disease and why it is such a difficult problem to manage. You provide a personal element, up to date data and offer hope for the future. I like the way you have set this out in short chunks under relevant headings.
    Steven Walker
    Dr Steven Walker
    St. Giles Medical
  • It's an excellent read and I think you have a great career in front of you.
    It's really wonderful!  ... I really think its a superb long read!!
    Dr Sarah McKay
    Dr Sarah MacKay
    Your Brain Health
  • Splendid developments in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, one of the most dreaded of the lot. Superb article @rickmash
  • Mariana Rickmann researches and analyzes medical facts with absolute reliability and writes wonderful texts in a popular scientific, academic or marketing-oriented style. Always on time and always in a good mood and with positive energy. Mariana is a great asset to our team. We can recommend her without reservation.
    Jens Greve