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Make an impact by spreading scientific knowledge

Research alone does not change lives. Help your reader discover healthier habits by explaining facts easily.

understand & enjoy

Get your audience to understand and enjoy what you are telling them.

trust & fidelity

Write your content to inspire trust and loyalty from your community.


Meaningful writing is a vital tool to reach your goals.


Make sure your reader knows how much she can profit from your offer.

Why it is important to think for a moment about your content

Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.

—Steve Jobs

Your writing has the potential to help your reader feel secure and reassured.

In essence, your texts are an open-door to communicate with your reader.

You can connect with her and help her with worries and insecurities about a subject that is new to her, but that you know very well.

Think of the words in your web as yourself talking to your reader face-to-face.

Information empowers your reader to make better decisions

In healthcare that means better health.

More than ever scientific data and online presence are becoming pillars of healthcare. And your reader is looking for information that you can provide.

The facts you describe convince your reader that you are the right option for her

Your reader gets a crystal clear idea of the benefits of your project and becomes a loyal advocate for your project.

Your project grows by reaching out to more people and making them feel satisfied with the choices they make.

How to inspire your reader to take action

Giving your reader a sound reason to trust in you is everything she needs to feel right about her decision.
But how to present your data in a way that connects and sparks interest in your reader?
How to get your reader to stop and reflect on your message?

Your reader is looking for the solution to her problems

It is essential to know what your reader needs and what is attractive to her.
What are her worries?

Connect with a clear and easy to understand style

Is it ok if you address her like a friend? Or should you use more formal language?
What words would you use?

Scientific data can prove how good your idea is

It is a powerful tool to engage your reader when you explain it simply.
Are you generating trust?

My offer to you: biomedical and healthcare writing

Copywriting can help you tell the story of the science that supports you, without the scientific jargon.

A healthcare copywriter understands experimental data and can translate it into everyday language, plus ease feelings of anxiety and insecurity that arises with sensitive health issues.

With more than 15 years experience in biomedical research plus training in healthcare copywriting I can help you to use scientific data to convince and inspire your reader to take action.

You now have the chance to reach and connect with your audience.

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This is what they say about me

  • I have just read your piece while sitting in a hot London Underground train and really enjoyed it.
    It provides a good overview of the disease and why it is such a difficult problem to manage. You provide a personal element, up to date data and offer hope for the future. I like the way you have set this out in short chunks under relevant headings.
    Steven Walker
    Dr Steven Walker
    St. Giles Medical
  • It's an excellent read and I think you have a great career in front of you.
    It's really wonderful!  ... I really think its a superb long read!!
    Dr Sarah McKay
    Dr Sarah MacKay
    Your Brain Health
  • Splendid developments in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, one of the most dreaded of the lot. Superb article @rickmash